• The Next Generation Core 

    for underwater robotics!

  • What is Rajida?

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Rajida is the next generation core for underwater robotics powered by Intel Joule the latest technologies from Intel to power robotics. It supports small form factor to fit into small space and powerful computation to support computer vision and artificial intelligence. Also, it is highly extensible to support external sensors as well as up to 4 high-definition cameras. Rajida's software stack bases on ROS and provides an extensive library to support object recognition, auto-navigation, and other critical functions to build a modern underwater robotics.


  • Tech Specifics

    Depth: Capable of 100m

    Mass: 4kg

    Top Speed: 2 m/s

    Run Time:3-4 hours


    Rajida Kit

    What's included?

    - Rajida Core with Intel Joule & camera inside

    - Thruster * 3

    - Zero buoyancy cable

    - Glue

    - Screw

  • Binocular Stereopsis



    Autonomous Navigation

    Underwater Communication

  • Binocular Stereopsis

    Powered by Intel Joule, Rajida is able to recover 3D information of the environment in a manner similar to human binocular vision.

    Object Recognition

    Besides seeing things, Rajida can also understand. Thanks to Intel Joule's computational power, Rajida now can recognize various underwater species.

    Autonomous Navigation

    Rajida is able to avoide obstacles and conduct target tracking (for example, to track an object of a particular color) while navigating autonoumously.

    Underwater Communication

    Rajida uses power line communication, the communication distance of which can reach upto 300 meters.

  • Based on Rajida, Maker Collider provides all kinds of ROV solutions, including Rajida kit, development supprot for OpenROV/commercial underwater drone, ROV competitions etc.

  • Team

    Here's our first troop of adventurers!

    Max Tian


    Hi, I'm Max. I am into building robots. In college, I was in the Team Water, and we won RoboCup championship in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015. It is exciting to build robots for competitions, but I only get to do it during the games. I want a powerful robot that not only can be programmed but also can sit beautifully on my desk like anime figure!


    Hardware Engineer

    Hi, I am Binbin. I am happy to get together with my old teammates from Team Water to work on Xpider. I work in the electronics of Xpider designing and building circuits boards.

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